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About VMiranda Consulting, LLC.

VMiranda Consulting, LLC was founded by Dr. Vickel M. Darby.  Dr. Vickel Darby is a native of South Carolina.  She is the mother of a wonderful college student and the eldest of a younger brother and sister. By far, Dr. Darby is the best auntie in the world! She has three nephews and one niece. Having lost both her parents before the age of 40, she has learned to live life with no regrets! She has rededicated her life to finding a reason to smile every day!

Vickel’s love for reading and writing was inspired by her mother, the late Victoria Darby. Her mother always pushed her to write, read, and write even more! Her parents were always the driving force in her life.  Their unwavering support provides the impetus to make her fly higher than an eagle!  Anything that she wanted to do, she was always encouraged to put God first and go for it!


“Dr. Darby, my mom, has written an outstanding book. She has wonderful illustrations that allows the reader including myself to wonder what happens next.”

Christian Owens, Son & College Golfer

"Both books were amazingly written. The illustrations were wonderful. The messages from both books encourages all readers to never give up on their dreams."

Dr. Yolanda Singleton ,  Professional Educator